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Tech Neck & Bad Shoulders

"Tech Neck" (aka text neck) is a term which describes pain around the neck and shoulders. It's caused by looking down on your devices (phones/tablets/computers) for long periods of time. This stresses the muscles and can give you headaches, stiff necks, neck spasms and pain between your shoulder blades.[5]

However according to Dr Marc Schwarts, "movement and stretches that support proper posture and shoulder position can help to reduce your painful symptoms".[6]

8% of all adults

Experience persistent or chronic back pain[1]

27-48% of workers

Have neck problems each year[2]

7 in 10 office workers

Experience neck and low back pain[3]

Hip muscles in a nutshell

Your Hip Flexors move the leg and knee up towards your body. It pairs with the Hip Extensors, which moves the leg away from the front of your body.

Your Hip Adductors move the leg towards the midline of your body. It pairs with your Hip Abductors, which, you guessed it, moves the leg away from the midline of the body. 

If ones weaker or tighter than its counterpart, then one will over compensate. Which means discomfort doing the simplest things.

Symptoms of weak hip flexors

These are the most common according to Medical News Today[4]

Changes in Walking & Posture

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Popular exercises

We have hundreds of posture related exercises on our app, here are some of the most common:

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