YOUR hormone levels ARE dropping?

..But why do hormone levels drop?

As you get older, your female sex hormone (oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone) levels start to drop gradually.

This can happen at ANY age after you hit puberty. 1 in a 1000 women are under 30 years old when this starts.

This can cause many physical and mental effects that affect your WHOLE body. 

Meet Mel Larkin

We invited Mel in for an interview and asked her about making menopause mainstream. During the interview she gave some great tips in how to get started.

“I’ve always been so confident and sociable then I started to experience these bouts of crippling anxiety” Mrs J, West Yorkshire

Common symptoms

You may experience one or many of these

Trouble Sleeping

Hot Flashes

Memory Problems

Weight Gain

Vaginal Dryness

Night Sweats


Irregular Periods


Mood Changes

Sore Breasts

Thinning Hair & Dry Skin

Exercise can help

Studies have shown that general exercise and weight training can help improve your body chemistry.

Increasing your activity, in whatever form, can help to improve your mindset, strength and longevity by helping your body to become healthier, stronger and more flexible .


Women reach their peak bone mass around just 25>30 years old. This is when the skeleton stops growing and bones are at their strongest & thickest.

Exercising regularly including resistance training using either bodyweight, weights or bands can help maintain this strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis so you don’t become this 1 in 2 statistics.

Hip fractures are a very serious matter and can be the cause of mortality in mid-life.

Making even small changes now can have a big impact on your future health.

Start at home

Gyms can sometimes feel like intimidating environments. There is no reason why you can’t start your resistance training journey at home. We’ve enlisted the help of a professional who has chosen exercises and home workout plan to help with hormonal imbalance and bone mass, suitable for beginners and beyond.

Once you start gaining confidence with the basic moves, you could try some of the more advanced plans or get in touch with a professional for extra support.

Try these plans to get you started

Built up your confidence? Try these

You’re not alone

If you want to take your training to the next level, have questions or need extra assistance, then why not speak to one of our expert professionals below? They can help you with simple things like how to perform an exercise correctly, as well as designing bespoke plans for your specific needs.

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