Body Confidence

Have you lost that self-confidence you used to have?

Are you longing to feel good about your body again?

Regain that confidence in your body shape whilst learning how to maintain an ideal and sustainable weight.

Meet Mel Larkin

We invited Mel in for an interview and asked her about making menopause mainstream. During the interview she gave some great tips in how to get started.

“When I reached my 40s I felt my vibrancy, confidence and self-esteem slipping away” Mrs S, West Yorkshire

Exercise can help

Exercise, particularly resistance training using weights, bodyweight or bands, can go a long way in helping you reclaim your body confidence.

Would you believe nearly 1 in 2 adult women reported feeling more concerned with the way they look during the pandemic lockdown? [1]

AND nearly 70% of adult women report withdrawing from activities due to their body image. [2]

Resistance training for as little as 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week is enough to see results.

In the first 2-3 weeks, you should notice increases in strength and after 4-6 weeks, you should start to see the amazing toning effects of your hard work. As with any training plan, consistency is key.

20 - 30 mins

Resistance training a day

2 to 3

Times a week

4 - 6 weeks

To see results

Gyms are intimidating so start at home!

Stepping into a gym can feel intimidating at times. There is no reason why you can’t start your resistance training journey at home – many strength training exercises can be performed with minimal or no equipment from the comfort of your own house. We’ve reached out to an experienced fitness professional who has curated a series of at-home resistance training exercises, specifically geared towards those of you who want to feel body positive again. The carefully-selected list of plans have been chosen to benefit everyone, but especially beginners.

Once you start feeling comfortable with the basic exercises, you could try some of the more advanced plans or get in touch with a professional for specialised support.

Try these to get your started

Here's some nice beginner plans - just grab and go!

Feeling more confident? Try these

Take it to the next level 

You’re not alone

If you want to take your training to the next level, have questions or need extra assistance, then why not speak to one of our expert professionals below? They can help you with simple things like how to perform an exercise correctly, as well as designing bespoke plans for your specific needs.

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  • [1] (Exploring changes in body image, eating and exercise during the COVID-19 lockdown: A UK survey. Appetite, 159, 105062)
  • [2] (Etcoff et al (2006). Beyond Stereotypes: Rebuilding the foundation of beauty beliefs. Findings of the 2005 global study)