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Functional 30/30 ~ A Quick Fat Burner 🔥💦

⏱ Approx 35mins (including rests/warmup) Are you ready to get your heart pumping and your body toned? All you need are two kettlebells and a resistance band! This quick workout combines resistance and cardiovascular exercises to help you melt away body fat and get in shape. Let’s do this! By the way, you can customize it to your liking by going to ‘3 dots’ > ‘update metrics’ and overwriting the weights/reps.

  • 35 minutes
  • Intermediate
  • Resistance Bands · Kettlebell
  • Full Body


Strength & conditioning Toning


Warm Up

We’re going to be using a few muscle groups here so let’s warm them up good 👌💦

Rest - 00:45

Main Session 1 of 3

All together you’ll complete 15 exercises with 30s rest. Grab a sweat towel!

Main Session 2 of 3

Main Session 3 of 3

Rest - 01:00

Cardiovascular 🫀

Classic suicide drills for: 2 mins 5 rounds 30s Rest Goo!

Suicide Drill
Full Body
Set Time (s)
1 120
Rest - 00:30
2 120
Rest - 00:30
3 120
Rest - 00:30
4 120
Rest - 00:30
5 120
Rest - 01:00


We’ll finish with some classic squats: 3 sets 30s rest

Kettlebell Squat (Racked)
Quadriceps | Hamstrings | Glutes
Set Reps Weight (kg)
1 12 10
Rest - 00:30
2 13 10
Rest - 00:30
3 14 10

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