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Kettlebell Power Lifter

  • Advanced
  • Full Body

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Setup instructions

1) Place the kettlebell on the floor and stand with a wide stance (feet either side of the kettlebell).

Perform instructions

1) Hinge forward from the hips and place both hands either side of the kettlebell.

2) Shift the weight to your hands and jump your feet back (so you're in a plank).

3) Jump your feet forward so they end up close to the kettlebell. At the same time, hinge up and grab the top handle of the kettlebell.

4) Drive from the feet and lift the kettlebell up (like a deadlift to upright row). Keep the weight close to your body at all times.

5) When you reach chest level, slide your hands to the side of the handle and point your elbows down.

6) Bend your knees slightly and drive upwards. Follow the momentum and push your arms towards the ceiling at the top.

7) Carefully reverse the movements back to the starting position.

8) Repeat.