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17 Fitain Updates ~ 3.4.2, Website & More

Hello Fitain family - and a happy New Year!

We’ve been plugging away behind the scenes to deliver welcomed updates to the website and app. Ok, so here’s what to expect:

Bugs & stability fixes

Pesky bugs have been squashed - not much to see here. General performance improvements have also been made. Now, for the exciting part… 

Plan Changes

The main focus has been plans - so it makes sense to give some extra love here. Hopefully you’ll see some welcomed changes. 

1. Moved Plans to the bottom (action bar)

Now you have direct access and can find it easier.

Action Bar Screenshot

2. Quickly edit your plans

Made the experience smoother - by clicking the edit icon you can jump straight in. 

Plan Edit Screenshot

3. More room editing 

Removed the edit details from the main exercise edit area (give you more room)

4. Swipe to archive

You can now swipe to delete plans - simple but effective. 

Swipe to Archive Screenshot

5. Beginning Plans

We’ve made the process of beginning and tracking easier. Remember, if you don’t track it wont show in your history!

Timer & Stopwatch

We've made this experience much smoother.. 

6. Select the timer OR stopwatch when completing a plan

Here’s a scenario, you’ve got a plank which is programmed for 30 seconds. You can either...

Activate the timer which counts down from 30 seconds (as programmed).

Activate Timer Screenshot

Activate the stopwatch and see how long you can hold a plank for. 

Activate Stopwatch Screenshot

7. Overwriting the timer

By clicking on the main time widget, you can overwrite it. Simply input the new time and either activate the timer or stopwatch.

Notes on exercises

When completing, you’ll be able to see a note to help guidance.

8. Adding descriptions/notes on an exercise
Here are some real world use cases: 

Type description Screenshot

Exercise Library Changes

As we want to make this one of the most advanced in the game - added love has gone into these improvements.

9. Crediting the model on exercise pages

We’re a family after all, we want others to acknowledge your kind contribution - shout out to you!

10. Filter by Impact

In general, how the exercise impacts your body/bones/joints etc… 

Low impact exercise - for example a stretch
Medium impact
- for example a spot jog
High impact
- for example a squat jump

11. Filter by Exercise Type

We’ve put each exercise into a category to make the filter as efficient as possible.

Sitting - you’ll be sat doing this exercise
Standing - you’ll be standing doing this exercise
Kneeling - you’ll be kneeling doing this exercise
All Fours - you’ll be on all fours during this exercise (bear crawl)
Dip - you’ll be dipping your body (tricep/bench dip etc…)

Resistance training - this exercise requires weight/tension of some kind
Compound - this exercise uses multiple muscle groups to complete the movement
Isolation - this exercise is concentrated to a specific region
Isometric - you’ll be holding a position on this exercise

Suspension - this exercise requires a suspension strap
Plyometric - you’ll be jumping during this exercise
Calisthenic - this exercise uses your bodyweight

Mind - this is a mindfulness exercise and not just physical 

Other Tweaks/Changes

These minor changes include:

12. Moved messages to the profile tab

Messages Moved Screenshot

13. Made ‘edit profile’ easier to find 

You can easily edit your details, take a profile picture and make small changes here.

Access edit profile


We’ve gone through some changes and given the website some attention.

14. Viewing plans on the website

See the full verbose plan (with metrics)

15. Exercise page changes

Take a look at our new exercise page

Dumbbell Jump Squat

16. Exercise descriptions

The total descriptions are at 1357/2087 - been putting in those 7 day work weeks… 

17. Tutorials

We’ve created a much needed Tutorial Collection. This will be a continuous process and will update over time.

Here are a few standouts: 

Fitain® Tutorials

Fitain® Tutorials For PRO's

What we’re working on

This is the next phase of Fitain for the foreseeable future. We’re going to be purposely vague on these - but rest assured, we’re on it.

Programs (Highly requested)

For you to be able to create a program which consists of plans to be done on specific days. 

Exercise insights

For you to be able to see the calculated stress on how an exercise affects your body.

As you can see, we’ve been extremely busy

A Final note

We’d like to give a big shoutout to our supporters - your subscription helps fund new features. It shows us you care and to keep pushing on. We dedicate this poem to you:

“Trust us when we say,  a fancy coffee a month goes a long way, let’s grow this support today, to give you the features you want one day” Fitain Team Fitain Team

Fitain is a labor of love for the small team behind it, and we built this entire app around our full time jobs in a digital design agency with absolutely no funding or support.

The aim is to make Fitain our full time job and to make it the best product we can build. We can’t get there without advocates like you! Let’s all work together and evolve Fitain into an indispensable tool used by people all over the world to improve their health and fitness.

Have fun with the new update! 

To better health

- The Fitain Team

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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