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3.5.0 - Introducing Fitain Programs

The long-awaited update has finally arrived - programs are now available! 🙌 So, what can you do with this exciting new feature? Here are some highlights:

Create unlimited programs for yourself, others, or both!

We believe we're among the few apps that offer this capability. Yes, you can create as many programs as you want, and it's completely free.

Starting Program

Go at your own pace & remove the pressure

Flexibility is at the core of Fitain. Unlike other program apps, you can progress when you're ready. Just press "mark as complete," and you're done.

Completing Days GIF

Save plans from the library and organise your schedule

Not sure where to start? Save professionally curated plans from our public library, customise your own program, and align it with your schedule.

Feel like doing a Bodyweight Bootcamp on Day 1? Maybe a Dumbbell CrossFit-style full body workout on Day 2? And wrap it up with a back stretching plan on Day 3? We've made it incredibly simple and easy to do.

Pick N' Mix Plans

We've always loved the idea of pick 'n' mix and plug 'n' play when it comes to the plan library. We're now one step closer to realising our vision.

Add Saved Plan to Day GIF

Create personalised plans for yourself and organise them into a program.

So, you know what you're doing and you've created several plans using our builder. Completing one or two plans in isolation is fine, but it lacks a sense of direction. Now, you can add them to specific days and create a personalised schedule. It's easier to stick to something when you're following a path.

Add the master plan (relate to original)

If you have a plan that remains unchanged, it's best to create it in the plans area and then switch it on when added. This links it to the master copy, so any edits you make will be reflected everywhere it's linked. This includes metrics, exercise reordering, and additions.

Relate to original

Pen & Paper in 2023?

Log, build, customise & discover with Fitain Programs - all effortlessly, for free!

Create new plans only within the program - no more clutter

We've provided the ability to create a plan exclusively within the program. When adding or creating a plan from here, simply click "skip."

Add plan to day Without Clutter

By not selecting "Relate to the original," a copy will be created only within that program, leaving the master plan unaffected. This is extremely useful if you want to change metrics on a week-by-week basis (progressive overload), for example, or if you don't wish to save it in your personal area.

Speed up your program building with these

Introducing our clipboard - your new best friend!

With our clipboard, you can now effortlessly copy plans, days, or even weeks from any source and conveniently paste them within the same or different programs. Moreover, you have the flexibility to save multiple items to the clipboard and clear them whenever you desire!

Clipboard GIF

Please note that this incredible tool is exclusively available to our subscribers, as it has been specifically designed to enhance and accelerate your workflow.


Let's say you've created a fantastic week and want to replicate it 12 times. The duplicate function is a quick and hassle-free way to do so.

Duplicate GIF

Edit whilst completing

Need to make edits while you or your client is completing a program? Simply press the "more" button and click "edit." However, please note that past days cannot be edited.

Edit Whilst Completing GIF

Or perhaps you've shared the program with someone who wants you to make changes to the targets? We've got you covered. 

Just go to the connection and click on "programs." Select the desired program and click "edit."

Final note

This is our largest update, and we've worked tirelessly on it. As some of you know, we've faced the additional challenge of juggling full-time jobs alongside building Fitain.

We'd like to express our gratitude to our supporters who are helping us turn our dreams into reality. With your support, we aim to make Fitain our permanent full-time jobs, allowing us to dedicate more time to create cool things for you. We want to build more. If you appreciate our work, please support us.

The day has finally come for us to unleash this remarkable feature, and we're confident that you'll love it.

Tutorial - How to Create Programs

Tutorial - Creating your own WOD using Fitain's plan builder

Pen & Paper in 2023?

Log, build, customise & discover with Fitain Programs - all effortlessly, for free!

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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