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Agility Ladder High Knees (Banded)

  • Intermediate
  • Calves

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Setup instructions

1) Tie the resistance band to a mid anchor point on your left side - wrap the end around your waist.

2) Lay the agility ladder on the floor and position yourself at the bottom - face it side on so your left arm is towards the anchor. Lift your left knee towards the ceiling. The resistance band and ladder should be parallel with you starting at the bottom.

3) Keep the chest up, core tight, back flat and head neutral.

Perform instructions

1) Bring your left foot down and step to the next square.

2) As your left foot makes contact with the floor, immediately lift your right knee up. On the way down, step sidewards to the next square.

3) Follow this pattern and make your way up the agility ladder.

Note: land on the balls off your feet. You can also pump your arms for momentum.