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Front Foot Elevated Barbell Split Squat

  • Intermediate
  • Quadriceps · Hamstrings · Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Position a low deck step or weight disc on the floor just below the bar on the rack.

2) Front foot placed on this platform
Rack the barbell on the shoulders, not the neck

2) Take a long step back. Heel raised on back leg.
Keep the chest up, core and glutes tight.

3) The front foot should be in full contact at all times to give a stable split stance.
You won't move from this position.

Perform instructions

1) Once the bar is unracked and feet are in position, drive forward and down keeping front heel fully in contact with platform.
Front knee should project over toe.

2) Groin are should move as close to front achilles as possible, if there are flexibility issues chose a higher platform

2) Press into your front heel and drive back to the starting position.

3) Repeat on both sides for required reps