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Dumbbell Plank (Side w/ Hip Lift)

  • Intermediate
  • Obliques

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Setup instructions

1) Get in the side plank position - start on all fours and extend your legs back behind you. Put your arms directly under your shoulders and lower yourself down to your forearms. Shift the weight to your left side and twist your body towards the ceiling. This will cause your right arm to come off the floor and left forearm to rotate to the right.

2) Grab the dumbbell and place it on your outer hip.

Note: to balance yourself you can scissor the feet - the right leg in front of the left. Alternatively, you can place your outer leg directly on top of the inner.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lower your hips towards the ground and pause at the bottom.

2) Now, lift your hips towards the ceiling and pause at the top.

3) Repeat.