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Feet Elevated/Deficit Deadlift Kettlebell

  • Intermediate
  • Hamstrings · Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Stand on 2 step boxes or suitable raised platforms with enough space between to allow the path of the kettlebell.

2) Grab the top handle of the kettlebell with both hands and an overhand grip.
Start standing tall with the kettlebell hanging between the knees.

Perform instructions

1) Hinge forward from the hips, keeping the knees above the heels and pushing the hips back.
Keep the back flat & neck neutral.

2) Ensure the path of the Kettlebell stays above the mid foot

3) Pause for a second and bring yourself back to the starting position.

4) If the kettlebell does not drop lower than the top of the platform, consider regressing this to a floor standing version until flexibility increases