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Kettlebell Clean & Press

  • Advanced
  • Full Body

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Setup instructions

1) In standing position, slightly bend your knees and widen your stance. Place the kettlebells on the floor in between your legs so the handles are facing forward. Keep them close to you at all times.

2) Hinge at the hips and have a slight bend at the knees. As you squat down, keep your back flat and head neutral.

3) Grab the kettlebells by their handles. Twist both arms inwards so the thumbs are facing behind.

Perform instructions

1) Push through your heels, shrug at the shoulders and quickly pull the kettlebells to your chest. During this movement, twist your arms (so the palms face inwards) and point the elbows down so each kettlebell is on the outside of your hand. The endpoint should be the kettlebells in front of your collar bone with the elbows tucked in (racked position).

2) Once again, bend your knees, drive from the heels back to standing. Use this momentum to perform an overhead press by extending your arms upwards. This is an explosive move so be quick with the movements.

3) Complete each movement in reverse until you come to the starting position.

4) Repeat.

Note: the twist in the arm in step 1 should counter the kettlebell banging on the forearm.