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Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Intermediate
  • Barbell · Plyometric Jump Box · Deck Step · Bench
  • Quadriceps · Hamstrings · Glutes

Setup instructions

1) Place a stool/bench/chair on the floor.

2) Face away from the platform and take a step or 2 in front.

3) Hold the bar with a wide overhand grip and place it behind your neck - elbows face down and out.

4) Place your right leg behind you and rest it on the platform. This foot should be in contact with it at all times. You won't move from this position.

5) Stand tall with a slight bend in the knees. Keep the chest up, core and glutes tight.

Note: You can rest your rear foot flat or with an elevated heel. A flat foot can make it easier to balance - it's preference.

Perform instructions

1) Bend both knees so your left knee is slightly above a 90 degree angle and your right is lower near the ground - the left knee shouldn’t track over the toe and the right should be pointing to the ground.

2) Press into your left heel and drive back to the starting position.

3) Repeat.