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Tutorial - Discoverability | Pro Exposure

Tutorial - Discoverability | Pro Exposure Hero

The benefits of making yourself discoverable in search have been discussed in previous tutorials. Once visible, anyone can share and expose your profile. Combined with our color mechanism, it aligns specialties and interests for easier conversations. This tutorial covers:

  1. Profile search
  2. Publishing to our library
  3. Exercise accreditation

1 Profile Search

Let's explore how professionals make themselves discoverable. First, they need to make their profile public and searchable. Of course, this is completely optional, but here's how it's done 

Tutorial | Making Your Profile Discoverable GIF

To set your preferences:

  1. Go to 'Your Area' and select your Name Tile.
  2. Scroll down and toggle "My profile is public and searchable".
  3. Click 'Save' to make your profile discoverable.

Make a good impression by providing a short description, selecting a suitable profile image, adding your qualifications, and linking your social media profiles if desired.

If you wish to remain hidden from the search, simply toggle the switch to its unfilled position. 

Verified PROs

Becoming verified ensures that credentials have been checked by Fitain. Look for the verification tick next to a professional's name. 

Verified Tile

This adds more credibility and makes the professional more trustworthy.

2 Publishing to our library

This extract was taken from another tutorial. Once you publish to our library, you will always be credited.

The process is identical for both Plans and Programs. Please note that Programs may require additional time for review since they consist of multiple Plans organised for specific days. We will thoroughly assess each Plan within the Program.

Tutorial | Publishing Process GIF

On the Overview screen:

  1. Go to 'Plan/Program Status' and switch it to 'Public'.
  2. Click on 'Request Publish'.

Fitain will review your submission to ensure quality.

Once a decision is made, you will receive a notification and feedback from us. Your content will be marked with a 'Published' stamp to indicate its status. Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We encourage diversity in our search, seeking different styles, uniqueness, and fun. Let's provide varied plans and Programs for everyone's benefit.

3 Exercise accreditation

The exercises below feature community members with whom we have established working relationships. As a result, every exercise that we all use will always be a part of your fitness journey, appearing in your plans and history.

Barbell Bench Press

Kettlebell Squat (Overhead)

This idea stemmed from our vision of a community-driven app. We actively engage the community in the building phase of Fitain and appreciate their support.

Throughout this journey, we have encountered numerous obstacles and, with the help of our community, we have overcome them together. As a result, we have formed strong connections with those who have been willing to assist, becoming an integral part of our story and your history

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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