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Tutorial - Plan Builder | Creating Groups

Add Groups to Plans

Now, I would like to take a step back and delve into the details. I'm going to demonstrate more exciting ways to utilise our plan builder.


Groups are incredibly useful for organising a plan and grouping exercises together. They can also serve as sub-routines that can be repeated.

For instance, you can have a "Superset Section," a "Warmup Section," - the choice is yours. Let's set up a warm-up group and repeat it three times. On the Overview screen...

Fitain Plans | Creating Groups & Repeating
  1. Click 'Add', then 'Add a Group'.
  2. Name the group 'Warmup Exercises'. If desired, you can add a description.
  3. Click 'Repeat' and enter 3.
  4. Click 'Save', and you will be taken to the group.

Now, simply add an exercise. we'll add 'Bench Press'.

Fitain Plans | Add Exercise to Group
  1. Click 'Add', 'Add an Exercise', 'Choose from Library'.
  2. In the search bar, type 'Barbell Bench Press', and click 'Apply'.
  3. Select the exercise, click 'Next'.
  4. Select the trackable metrics (done by default) and any other additions. Click 'Next'.
  5. Fill in targets (optional), then 'Save'.

Finally, let's preview and see what's done.

Fitain Plans | Previewing
  1. Press or swipe back to the main screen.
  2. Click 'More Actions' (three dots at the top right).
  3. Select 'Preview' and voila!

The preview will provide you with a comprehensive list of exercises, including any attached targets. This feature is particularly useful for identifying unintentional gaps in your plan.

Groups offer a fantastic method to organise and streamline a plan. You can gather a set of exercises and give it any name you prefer, such as "Warmup Section," "Main Routine," "Superset," or even "Burnout Exercise" - the possibilities are endless! Moreover, you can repeat the group as many times as you want.

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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