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BOSU Dome Back Fly

  • Beginner
  • Upper Back

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Setup instructions

1) Place the BOSU dome side up on the floor.

2) Lie chest face down on it - extend your legs out behind you. The balls of your feet should have contact with the floor.

3) Start with the plates in your hands. Extend your arms out either side. Your chest, shoulders and arms should be aligned.

4) Lift your arms up from the floor (about a foot). This is the starting position.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lift the plates towards the ceiling (about a foot higher than the starting position).

2) Pause at the top and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Now, lower back to the starting position.

3) Repeat.

Note: stare at a spot on the floor throughout the exercise. This trick will help keep the head and neck aligned.