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Landmine B Stance Deadlift Neutral Grip

  • Intermediate
  • Hamstrings · Quadriceps · Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Use the landmine attachment to anchor a barbell on the floor - load your weight to the other side. Position yourself to the side of the end of the barbell.

2) Grab the end of the barbell with the hand of the working leg

3) Take a step back with the non working leg and place it on your toe so there is no weight through it.

Perform instructions

1) Hinge from the hips, bend your working knee and lower your torso forward.
Keep a strict back posture and straight neck.
Ensure the weight stays in the working leg and not in the back leg.

2) At the bottom of the range the hand should be lined up against the shoe laces of the working foot.

3) Drive through your working heel and squeeze your glute until you’re standing.

4) Repeat for required reps.