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Suspension Strap Push Up to Pike

  • Intermediate
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Chest · Abdominals

Setup instructions

1) Start with a high anchor point and attach the suspension strap - it should be a long length.

2) Go on all fours and place your feet through the handles.

3) Get in the plank position - from here, walk your hands forward and lift your hips up. Aim to have a straight line between your head, neck, legs and back.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lower your chest to the ground - make sure your elbows are behind your shoulders.

2) Pause at the bottom, then 'push up' (think as if you're pushing the ground away) until you're back in the plank.

3) Now, keep the legs straight and hinge forward from the hips. This will cause your tailbone to be lifted towards the ceiling. Your body should look like a 'V' (pike position).

4) Pause at the top and crunch your core. Now, lower your tailbone back down to the starting position.

5) Follow this pattern and repeat.