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Hand Stand Kick Up

  • Beginner
  • Shoulders

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Setup instructions

1) Find a wall and stand about a foot or 2 in front of it.

2) Start on all fours - the balls of your feet should have contact with the floor at all times.

Perform instructions

1) Bend your knees and swing your left leg up towards the wall.

2) As your left leg gets half way, push your right leg up towards the wall. Bend the left knee and make contact with the wall with the sole of your left foot. The right foot should follow straight after - let the heel make contact with the wall.

3) Once the right heel is in contact with the wall, extend your left leg up to meet the right - both heels should have contact. Hold this position.

4) Now, bend your right knee so the sole of the foot has firm contact with the wall. Lift your left leg off and swing it down to the starting position. Push off from your right foot to help the momentum.

5) Repeat.