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Deadbug with Weighted Bar above Chest

  • Intermediate
  • Abdominals

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Setup instructions

1) Start by lying on your back and plant the feet on the floor.

2) Grab the barbell with both hands - hold it above mid chest. Extend your arms towards the ceiling - have a slight softness in the elbows. Keep the bar still and engage the core throughout the entire exercise.

3) Lift your legs up (so they're vertical) and bend your knees so the back of the calves are parallel to the floor (the knees should be bent at right angles).

Perform instructions

1) Keep the barbell and one leg in place. Slowly lower and extend the other leg so its hovering just off the ground in a straight position

2) Pause for a second, re-engage the core and return to the starting position.

3) Repeat on the other side and for the required reps.