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Poliquin Step Up Weighted on Medium Step with Heel Raise

  • Beginner
  • Quadriceps

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Setup instructions

1) Start with your foot on the step and the other on the floor.

2) Elevate the heel on the step using a weight plate or the 'riser' from a deck step box

3) Hold a dumbbell in one or both hands

4) Flex the toe up on the leg thats off the step

Perform instructions

1) Lower the straight leg heel towards the floor, press into the ball of your standing foot.
Keep the core tight and the hip girdle completely level throughout the exercise.

2) Pause for a second at the top. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position.
You do not have to touch the floor with the heel if this comprimises the level of the hips

3) Repeat for the required reps.