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Kettlebell Bent Over Row (Alternating)

  • Beginner
  • Upper Back

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Setup instructions

1) Stand tall with a slight bend in the knees. Keep the chest up, core and glutes tight.

2) Get in a wide stance (feet about a foot or two apart) and point the right foot outwards. The heels of both feet should align.

3) Shift the weight to your right leg and bend that knee - the left leg should be fully extended. If your stance isn't wide enough, adjust your position at this point.

4) Twist your trunk to face the right leg - hinge from the hips.

5) Grab the weights and let them hang towards the floor - directly under your shoulders.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly pull one weight towards your body and squeeze the shoulder blades together.

2) Pause for a second and bring your arm back to the starting position.

3) Repeat on the other side.