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Suspension Strap Lunge Stretch w/ Twist

  • Beginner
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Hamstrings · Glutes · Quadriceps

Setup instructions

1) Start with a high anchor point and attach the suspension strap - it should be a long length.

2) Place your right foot through the handle - extend that leg and move yourself forward. Bend your left knee at a 90 degree angle and hinge from the hips.

3) Place both hands on the floor so the left shoulder and left knee is in contact. Both arms and left foot should be aligned. The right leg should be fully extended behind you and the strap should be vertical.

Perform instructions

1) Shift your weight to your right arm and lift the left arm up - this will cause you to twist your trunk and to look up. There should be a straight vertical line between your left leg, right and left arm.

2) Hold the position until the end of the timer.