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Dumbbell 21s

  • Beginner
  • Biceps

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Setup instructions

1) Stand tall with a slight bend in the knees. Keep the chest up, core and glutes tight.

2) Hold the dumbbells with an underhand grip by your waist - face the palms up.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lift the dumbbells towards your shoulders but stop half way. Squeeze the biceps at the top and lower to the starting position. Perform for 7 reps.

2) This time, start from half way. Lift the dumbbells towards your shoulders, again squeezing the biceps at the top. Don't drop your arms pass half way. Perform for another 7 reps.

3) Now, extend your arms so the dumbbells are at the bottom by your waist. Lift them towards your shoulders for full range of motion. Perform for 7 reps.