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Tutorial - Bookings | Editing Details

Tutorial - Bookings | Editing Details Hero

Hosts can re-edit details such as the title, description, interests, muscle groups, and equipment.

To demonstrate this, we'll use a remote service (which doesn't allow you to enter a link during the building). We'll create the booking and put the link in for the participant(s) to see. The excerpt below was taken from another larger tutorial.

Editing/Changing Booking Details

If you have forgotten to add a link to the remote session or wish to change it after the booking has already been created, don't worry; you can easily do so.

Tutorial | Bookings - Remote Editing Links GIF

Editing/Changing link steps:

  1. On the bookings screen, click 'more options' (3 dots) at the top and select 'Edit details.'
  2. Paste the link in the remote link field and click 'Save.'

The participant(s) will have access to the link. This can also be done with a remote service (more on that later). 

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by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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