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Tutorial - Bookings | Creating a Service

Tutorial - Bookings | Creating a Service Hero

Services are pre-populated templates: interests and duration are pre-filled - saving time. You can even add a description and picture to make your service look more appealing.

These are really useful for regular re-use and can show on a PRO's profile (we dive into this on other tutorials).

For example, a regular booking you offer may be a “15m FaceTime consultation.” It’s best to create a Service and keep using this for bookings.

The excerpt below was taken from a larger tutorial.

Tutorial | Service Creation GIF

To create a service:

  1. Navigate to 'Your Area' and select the 'Services' tab.
  2. Click 'Add new service,' and you'll be directed to the 'New Service' create screen.
  3. Input the mandatory fields, such as 'title' and 'duration.' You can optionally add a picture, description, and location.
  4. Click 'Save,' and your new service will be created.

Services are designed to be reusable within the booking creation process and will also appear on your profile for connections to book themselves in. Create a service to make the booking process even shorter.

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by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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