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History Plan Tiles

Click on the Plan tile and you’ll be brought into its history. From here we can do a few things..

Adding a note on a plan

Leave a note on completed plans by clicking in the notes field. To save, click the commit icon to the right. Once saved, the icon will change to the edit pencil. Press this to re edit your note.

Edit a note on an exercise

Click on the note attached to the exercise and you’ll be able to edit. Notes can only be attached to an exercise while in Demo Mode’.

Editing & deleting a past log

Both of these actions start the same way. At the top of the screen, click the 3 dots (aka more button).

  • To EDIT metrics on a past log, click the 3 dots > ‘Edit’. You’ll be brought to the quick log view to edit & change > click ‘Save’.
  • To DELETE an entire log, click the 3 dots > ‘Delete’ > on the popup press ‘Yes’. Please note, this action cannot be undone so be careful.

History logs

The history icon allows you to view all logs against that Plan.

Click the history icon at the top of the screen.


Each plan is compared to it’s previous log (last time you’ve done it).

  • green arrow means the current metric is higher than the previous.
  • No arrow means there’s been no changes.
  • red arrow means the current metric is lower than the previous.

On each plan there may be a combination of the three. You have to complete the plan at least twice for these to show.

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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