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Helena Vejchodova

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... Imagine a life where you can achieve your ideal weight, have tons of energy, look amazing, be healthy, sleep well and feel free from stress and anxiety...

My name is Helena and I will help you to get there.

I' a qualified QCF Level 3 Personal Trainer and EQF Level 5 Nutritionist. I specialize in weight management, strength and conditioning, core strength and stability, muscle toning and improving health and wellbeing.

My goal is Your success.

One of the most important things you have got is your physical and mental health. Make it your priority!

You want to enjoy your life pain-free, feeling strong, confident and happy about your reflection in the mirror.

I focus on helping clients to improve their lifestyles by creating healthy sustainable habits.

The best diet is the one you can stick to in the long term, the best training for you is a safe effective and enjoyable one.

I don't do quick fixes, overnight transformations, short cuts or magic. I'll lead you to work hard, I'll educate you, I will support you on your journey to achieve and sustain your goals.

Be Healthy

Be Strong

Be Confident

Be Happy

New Fetter Ln, London EC4A 1AN, UK