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Dylan J Curran

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I urge you...

Take a look at what I am about on my Instagram page: contact me.

Instagram: Dylan_jcurran

Please do the following:
- Create your own music playlist
- 15-30min telephone conversation to answer my list of questions to get a clear cut understanding and medical questions
- Completely flush out your body with water 3 Litres PD
- Cut out all forms of bread if you are looking to focus on weight loss.. immediately eradicate the yeast from your diet.

I thrive in delivering fast burst camps, 5 or 10 week tailored Boxing Boot camps just the two of us. The more I learn about you the better! your current capabilities and goals, we can then mould together a plan of action and track your progress right from day one!

I have a proven track record of teaching people from Scratch... right up until they are ready and confident enough to take on the challenge of lacing up the gloves and fighting. Near enough a clean sheet - Winning percentage. Proven weight loss results can also be found on my IG page.

Boxing is my driving force in life, i want to be the best boxer in the country, I want to be the best I can be and that’s the key to remember, be better than you were yesterday. Let’s do it... It starts today... it starts, with you Champ

Elephant and Castle, London, UK