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Dumbbell Split Clean

  • Intermediate
  • Full Body

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Setup instructions

1) Start with the weights on the floor either side of your legs facing forward.

2) Hinge forward from the hips and grab them by the handle - keep the back flat, chest up and core tight.

Perform instructions

1) Lift the weights up slightly so they're at shin level.

2) In one movement, drive from your feet and Jump up. Keep low and you're aiming to land in a low lunge - place the right leg in front and the left behind. Both knees should be a 90 degrees - the left shin hovering from the ground with that heel raised. Land on the balls of your feet.

3) As you jump bend your elbows and swing them up. Aim to 'catch' the weights on your shoulders.

4) Drive from your right heel and come back to standing. Lower the weights back down to the starting position.

5) Repeat.

Note: This is a momentum-based move. Steps 2 & 3 are done at the same time.