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Suspension Strap Grasshopper

  • Intermediate
  • Abdominals · Obliques

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Setup instructions

1) Start with a high anchor point and attach the suspension strap - it should be a long length.

2) Go on all fours and place your feet through the handles.

3) Get in the plank position - from here, walk your hands forward and lift your hips up. Aim to have a straight line between your head, neck, legs and back.

Perform instructions

1) Bring your knees in to the right - you're aiming for them to be on the outside of your right elbow. This will cause a slight twist in your trunk.

2) Extend your legs back so you're in the starting plank position.

3) Repeat on the other side.

Note: every time you bring your knees in, breathe out and 'crunch' your core.