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Landmine Rollout (Push Up)

  • Intermediate
  • Chest · Abdominals

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Setup instructions

1) Use the landmine attachment to anchor a barbell on the floor in front of you. Load a weight plate in order for it to roll.

2) Get in the plank position - start on all fours and extend your legs back behind you. Grab the bar with your right hand and put the other on the floor - directly under your chest. Keep the core tight, back flat, head neutral and tuck the hips in.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lower your chest to the ground. As you do this, slowly push the landmine away from you - it will naturally roll in an arc-like motion. Keep your left arm close to your body.

2) Pause at the bottom, then 'push up' (think as if you're pushing the ground away). On the way up, pull the landmine back towards you so you return to the plank position.

3) Follow this pattern and repeat on the other side.