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Bulgarian Split Squat & Hip Hinge Combo

  • Advanced
  • Hamstrings · Quadriceps · Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Use a bench or plyo box and position your body to the front of it. Place one toe on the bench.

2) Hold a dumbbell with an over hand grip.

3) Stand tall with core tight, back straight.

Perform instructions

1) To squat lower the Knee towards the floor then drive through the heel back to standing.
Follow up with a hinge from the hips pushing the working hip back, keeping the knee above the heel.
Keep good back posture and neutral line in the neck

2) For the squat portion ensure the dumbells hang vertically.
For the Hinge portion ensure the dumbbells track down the front of the thighs until you feel a stretch in the hamstring

3) Drive through your heel and squeeze the hamstring & glute forward until you’re standing for both parts of the exercise.

4) Both portions is one rep.
Repeat for required reps