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Pronated Glute Kickback on Flat Bench using Cable

  • Intermediate
  • Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Start with a mid to low anchor point on the side of the cable machine.
Place the bench long ways in front of the cable anchor

2) Load the appropriate weight.

3) Use an ankle cuff or attach the loop handle to the and and place your foot in it. (It should be resting on the sole of your foot to keep the strap in place)

4) Kneel on the flat bench with the non working leg. Both hands should securely hold the front of the bench

Perform instructions

1) Slowly extend your working leg behind you andkeep straight enough to feel a strong squeeze in the glute atend of range.

2) Pause and slowly bring it back to the starting position.

3) Repeat for required reps

Note: Don't let the weights touch each other. Try keep a tiny gap in between.
You may also have to move the bench slightly to the left or right to allow the working leg to move freely