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Wall Push Up (One Leg)

  • Beginner
  • Chest

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Setup instructions

1) Stand a foot or 2 in front of a wall and face it.

2) Extend your arms in front of you and lean into the wall - keep a slight bend in your elbows. Your arms should be in front of your chest and wider than shoulder width apart. There should be a straight line between your head, neck, back and legs.

3) Lift one leg away from the wall.

Note: this is only a slight lean. Adjust your position by stepping your feet towards or further away from the wall.

Perform instructions

1) Keep your feet in place as you dip yourself towards the wall - you should feel a stretch around your chest.

2) Pause for a second. Now, 'push up' (as if you're pushing the wall away) back to the starting position. Squeeze your chest here.

3) Repeat.