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BOSU Dome Plank Plate Angel

  • Intermediate
  • BOSU Ball
  • Shoulders · Abdominals

Setup instructions

1) Place the BOSU dome side up on the floor and rest your left hand on top.

2) Grab the plate with your right hand - keep the arm straight with a slight bend in the elbow.

3) Extend your legs back behind you - make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders. You should be in the plank position.

Perform instructions

1) Keeping the plank position, lift the plate behind you.

2) Then, in an arc-like motion bring the weight in front of you - keep your arm straight and parallel to the floor throughout this movement.

3) Reverse the movement so the weight ends up behind you.

4) Now, lower the weight back to the starting position.

5) Follow this pattern and repeat.