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Chest Flye Incline Bench Double Cable Low Anchor

  • Intermediate
  • Chest

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Setup instructions

1) Set the bench in an incline position and place inside the double cable so anchors will be at chest level.
Set the anchor on each side of the double cable at a low level, ensure they are even and attach handles.

2) Start by lying on your back and plant the feet firmly on the floor.

3) Grab the handles and place hand palms in above the chest.
You're in an incline position so the handles should be aligned with your upper chest.

Perform instructions

1) Extend your arms slowly outwards in a wide arc with a slight bend in your elbows.
Keep your palms facing inwards.

2) Pause at the bottom, your range of motion will be governed by your flexibility but be careful to protect your shoulders as the cable set low will put extra stretch on the pecs.

3) You'll feel a big stretch across your chest, then return your arms back to the starting position and squeeze the chest at the top

4) Repeat for required reps.