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Dumbbell Bicep Curls on Preacher Bench

  • Intermediate
  • Biceps

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Setup instructions

1) Sit on the preacher bench and adjust the seat height so that your upper arms rest comfortably on the bench pad.

2) Your armpits should be at the top edge of the pad.

3) Hold a dumbbell in each hand with a supinated grip (palms facing up).

Perform instructions

1) Extend your arms fully but your elbows should not be locked out completely to maintain tension on the muscle.

2) Curl the dumbbells upward by contracting your biceps. Focus on using your biceps to lift the weights.

3) Keep your upper arms firmly against the bench pad and contract the biceps untill the dumbbells reach should height.

4) Return slowly to start position

5) Repeat for required reps.