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Standing Glute Lateral V Kickback on Cable Machine

  • Intermediate
  • Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Start with a low anchor point on the cable machine.

2) Load the appropriate weight.

3) Attach straps to the ankles or a loop handle and and place the sole of your foot in it.

4) Hinge at the hips, lean forward and place your hands on the machine in front of you. Keep the back flat.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly extend your weighted straight leg behind you while pressing the heel out externally.
(imagine drawing one side of a V on the floor)
Do not over bend/extend the lower back

2) Pause at end of range & squeeze the glute then bring it slowly back to the starting position.
Dont let the weight stack touch down to keep tension on the muscle.

3) Repeat for required reps.