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Dynamic Calf Stretch

  • Beginner
  • Calves

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Setup instructions

1) Start on all fours and fully extend the legs behind you. Keep the core tight and tuck the hips in. You should be in the plank position.

2) Walk your hands towards your feet. You're aiming for your body to be a 'V'. This will cause you to hinge from the hips. Keep the back flat and legs somewhat straight - the heels may raise.

Perform instructions

1) Bend your left knee and push your right heel to the floor - the left heel should be raised. You'll feel a stretch on your right calf.

2) Pause for a second and return both legs to the starting position.

3) Bend the right knee and push your left heel to the floor - follow this pattern.

4) Repeat.

Note: The weight should be distributed between your hands and the calf being stretched.