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Resistance Band Plyo Push Up

  • Advanced
  • Chest

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Setup instructions

1) Loop the band around your hands and upper back.

2) Get in the plank position - start on all fours and extend your legs back behind you. Make your hands shoulder-width apart and have a wide stance with the legs. Keep the core tight, tuck the hips in and aim for a straight line between your head, neck, back and legs.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly lower your chest to the ground - make sure your elbows are behind your shoulders. You should feel a stretch in the chest.

2) Now, push the ground away with enough force to make you become airborne - feet and hands off the ground.

3) Brace yourself for the impact by keeping a slight bend in the elbows.

4) Keep the momentum and lower yourself into the start of the push up.

5) Repeat.

Note: this is a high impact exercise on your wrists.