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Foam Roller Thoracic Mobility Drill with weight

  • Beginner
  • Upper Back · Lower Back

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Setup instructions

1) Place the foam roller side ways on the floor and sit in front of it.
Lay back on the roller ensuring it is under the shoulder blades

2) Keep your feet & hips firmly on the floor (knees should be pointing up).

Perform instructions

1) Gently lean back over the roller. You can support the head if you like or use a bolster to support the neck if required.

2) Keep feet and back of hips on the floor throughout.

3) To intensify the move you can extend the arms vertically above the shoulders and reach overhead as you lean back. Add a very light weight into the hands to progress this move.

4) Hold for required time
If using a weight place it down above the head before you return back to the upright position slowly and gently.