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Sandbag Atlas Stone Pickup

  • Intermediate
  • Quadriceps · Hamstrings · Glutes

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Setup instructions

1) Start with the Sandbag on the floor and stand with your feet either side. Keep your chest up, core tight, back flat and head neutral. Aim for the balls of your feet to be in the middle of the 'stone'.

2) Hinge forward from the hips, bend your knees and push your tailbone back - grab the Sandbag by the sides. If the bag is circular, aim for your arm and forearm to be on as much as the 'stone' as possible.

Perform instructions

1) Push from your heels, drive up and lift the sandbag. Once it goes past your knees, sit your tailbone back and rest the weight on your thighs. If the bag is circular, roll it back once your tailbone is pushed back.

2) From here, adjust your hand position and come all the way to standing.

3) Reverse the movement back to the starting position.

4) Repeat.