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Machine Row

  • Beginner
  • Upper Back · Glutes · Quadriceps · Hamstrings · Calves

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Setup instructions

1) Sit on the seat and place your feet on the pedals - strap them in. Grab the bar and extend your arms in front.

2) Sit up tall with your chest up, core tight, back flat and head neutral. Your shins should be parallel and shoulders should be in front of the hips.

Perform instructions

1) Press into your heels and push the legs. Think as if you're pushing the machine away.

2) Once your arms have gone past your knees, pull the bar towards your lower chest. Lean back slightly - engage the core.

3) Extend your arms, hinge forward from the hips, then bend your knees - come back to the starting position.

4) Follow this pattern and repeat.

Note: at the start, don't pull with the arms, push with the legs. Only pull your arms once you've gone past your knees.