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Pike Walk

  • Intermediate
  • Shoulders

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Setup instructions

1) Start in a plank position - get on all fours and extend your legs out. Now, rest onto your forearms and rotate them inwards. Keep the right forearm in front of the left.

2) Keep the back flat, core tight and hips up.

Perform instructions

1) Keep the legs straight and shift the weight to your left side. As you do this, lift the right forearm over your left. Your hips should be raised higher from the floor.

2) Now, shift the weight to your right side and lift your left forearm over your right. Again, the hips should be raised higher.

3) Follow this pattern until you're in an inverted 'V' and pause at the endpoint.

4) Reverse the movement by doing the same thing but forward until you reach the starting position.

5) Repeat.