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Dumbbell Half kneeling Press (w/ Swing)

  • Beginner
  • Full Body

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Setup instructions

1) Half kneel by keeping your right shin on the ground and plant the left foot on the floor - you should have a 90 degree angle. Keep the chest up - engage the core and glutes.

2) Grab the dumbbell with a firm overhand grip.

3) Start with the dumbbell resting on your right shoulder - elbow face forward and down.

Perform instructions

1) Slowly extend your arm and push upwards - keep a slight bend in the elbows as you reach the top.

2) Pause for a second and slowly lower to the starting position - touch your shoulder.

3) Now, swing the dumbbell forward through your leg. Hinge at the hips and follow the momentum of the weight.

4) Swing the weight back to the starting position - elbow down and weight on your shoulder.

5) Follow this pattern and repeat.