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Resistance Band Reverse Fly

  • Beginner
  • Resistance Bands
  • Upper Back

Setup instructions

1) Stand tall with a slight bend in the knees. Keep the chest up, core and glutes tight.

2) Get in a wide stance (feet about a foot or two apart) and point the left foot outwards. The heels of both feet should align. Step your right foot on the band.

3) Shift the weight to your right leg and bend that knee - the left leg should be fully extended. If your stance isn't wide enough, adjust your position at this point.

4) Twist your trunk to face the right leg - hinge from the hips.

5) Grab the band/handles - get ready to start.

Note: to add tension, loop the band under your foot.

Perform instructions

1) With a slight bend in your elbows and arms fairly straight, slowly lift the band outwards.

2) Stop when your arms are somewhat parallel to the ground.

3) Pause for a second and lower them back to the starting position.

4) Repeat.