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Dumbbell Pass Through In C Sit

  • Intermediate
  • Abdominals

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Setup instructions

1) Lay on your back, bend your knees and plant the feet on the floor - your knees should face upwards.

2) Place your hands in the crease between your thigh and knee.

3) Extend your arms fully and lean back. Tighten your core and release your arms - hold this position.

4) Grab the dumbbell with both hands in a crush grip.

5) Finally, lift both feet off the floor. Extend your left leg out (hovering about a foot from the ground) and bring your right knee higher (bend the right knee to be parallel).

Perform instructions

1) Keeping this position, pass the dumbbell to your right hand. Go under your right leg and pass it to your left hand.

2) Now, switch leg positions - extend and lower the right leg to be hovering from the ground and bring the left knee up.

3) Once the left knee is up, go under the left leg and pass the dumbbell to your right hand.

4) Follow this pattern and repeat.

Note: lift the toes up towards the ceiling.