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Fitain | Anonymity & Privacy

Fitain | Anonymity & Privacy Hero

By default, everyone remains anonymous on Fitain until they connect. For those seeking a private experience, the good news is that you are anonymous by default, ensuring you have full control over your health and fitness journey. This means:

  • No one will hassle you at any time.
  • Everything remains private to you.
  • No one will know of your existence on the app.

Rest assured, you can progress on your journey free from stress and hassle.

Connecting on Fitain

Connecting with others on Fitain enables the sharing of plans and programs. For professionals, it allows organisation and orchestration of both in-person and remote bookings.

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In terms of privacy:

  • When someone sends you a plan or program, they can only view the shared items in your history.
  • Your connection list is visible to you alone; adding connections from another person's list is not possible.
  • Messaging between connections is unrestricted.
  • Connections can be invited to bookings.
  • Recipients can book themselves into available bookings if the professional has set working hours and services.

Connecting with someone on Fitain offers numerous benefits. However, if you prefer a private experience for personal use only, there is no pressure to connect. We emphasise that Fitain is not a social media platform, although it does incorporate some social aspects that will be further explored in future tutorials.

Professionals Anonymity

For professionals seeking a more public presence, this is achieved through connecting and engaging with connections. This allows them to manage clients and make their profile discoverable in the search, enabling anyone to share their profile.

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Key points include:

  • Full control over the visibility of their presence (public to connections only or public to everyone on the app via the search).
  • Ability to privately train their clients.
  • Opportunity to privately train themselves.
  • Or a combination of all.

Fitain's beauty lies in its polymorphic nature, allowing users to customise and utilise the platform in the way that suits them best. We believe we are the only platform offering this level of flexibility, and our built-in tools are constantly evolving to better serve your unique needs.

Inclusivity with Fitain tools

Fitain provides a wide range of tools accessible to both non-professionals and professionals. Our tools cater to various needs, with some focused on management and others designed for casual use.

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Whether you want to use Fitain:

  • For private training or personal use, that's perfectly fine.
  • If you need to send plans and manage existing clients, that's also supported.
  • And if you prefer a combination of the above, we allow you to do so.

Rest assured, you can maintain your anonymity and won't be hassled by anyone.