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Your Personalised Fitness Companion

Step into the world of Fitain—a platform crafted just for you. We're not your typical app; we're your companions on a journey towards better health and well-being. Fitain is your safe haven, where your uniqueness shines and your goals come to fruition.

Bored of the same old exercises?

Imagine a curated collection of varied exercises, spanning from muscle-building motivations to revitalising stretches, all contributed by community members.

  • Filmed with Expertise: Guided by skilled members for accurate guidance.
  • Carefully Vetted Quality: Every exercise is reviewed to ensure your safety.
60+ Pieces of Kit

Equipment Variety offering options for different equipment setups

2150+ Exercises

All captured by our community's skilled experts

∞ Workout Potential

Build unlimited workouts and combinations, limited only by your creativity

You're different, your workouts should be too

Mould your fitness journey as if you're crafting a masterpiece, thanks to our intuitive, versatile Plan Builder. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter routines—here, you're the architect of plans that align perfectly with your aspirations.

  • Shape inventive workouts to surpass plateaus
  • Customise plans for your growing goals
  • Add flexibility to your fitness journey – on your terms
Bosu Ball
Foam Roller
Slam Ball

Still doing the same old workouts?

At Fitain, we provide a variety of public plans and programs, allowing you to select your journey. Consider it your personal fitness hub, ensuring your experience stays vibrant and engaging.

  • Save expert-crafted workouts from our library 
  • Engage in dynamic training styles that align with your interests
  • Constantly growing to keep your fitness journey exciting

Are you progressing? How do you know?

Effortlessly surpass plateaus by comparing your current strides with past achievements, maintaining a constant awareness and motivation to keep moving forward.

  • Surpass your past achievements and set your sights higher
  • Effortlessly fine-tune your plan as you grow, setting new targets
  • Track your progress with precision, recording detailed metrics
  • Craft your journey your way: choose 'Quick Log' or 'Wizard View'—your path, uniquely defined

Gregg @ Gainz Fit

It doesn't matter who you are, your experience, your angle on fitness. You can jump inside the app and do your thing.

Sick of those one-size-fits-all programs?

Say hello to our dynamic Program Builder. Tailor your fitness journey to feel as snug as your favourite worn-in jumper—flexible, comfortable, and uniquely yours. No strict rules, just your pathway to achieving incredible results.

  • Personalise your schedule by adding your own plan or saved WODs to specific days
  • Turn the chaos into a well-organised routine, moving you forward with clarity and purpose
  • Keep your motivation alive by shaping short, mid-term, and long-term programs

Introducing Gregg: Your Down-to-Earth Personal Trainer

Say hello to Gregg, your trusted personal trainer right here on Fitain. Just like you, he believes in the power of a personalised fitness journey.

Gregg utilises our diverse exercise library to craft programs that align seamlessly with his clients' interests and aspirations.

Take a look at the video to see how he makes the most of our wide-ranging exercise library and recognises our genuine commitment to providing top-notch content

Not at all! Our "Free" offer provides access to our core features without any sneaky strings attached.

Let me introduce our tight-knit team of four, each with our own fitness journeys and battles. Our diverse backgrounds, spanning from pro trainers to avid enthusiasts, fuel our drive to empower every user on their distinct road to success.

We've taken on this adventure using our own resources and unwavering dedication. Fitain has grown alongside our full-time job commitments, showing our commitment to bring value to your fitness journey.

We've shaped a subscription option designed to offer advanced features, extended program durations, and heightened customisation for our subscribers. By investing in Fitain, you're investing in yourself. Your support fuels our innovation, and hand in hand, we're shaping a platform that evolves with your needs and dreams. We can't wait to hear your insights as we mould Fitain's journey.

Not at all. Fitain's true strength lies in its adaptability. It's a platform designed for personal and professional use alike, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Start your Fitain adventure: where your fitness journey thrives, guided by personalisation, community, and empowerment. 

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